Participants of the meeting

An industrious Group tagged “Anyi Bu OFU Movement” had on Friday held her first Annual meeting..

The president of the Nsukka chapter have this to say ; ANYI BU OFU MOVEMENT , maka na OFU obi bu umu nne , covering the 6 LGA’s of the Enugu North senatorial zone of Enugu State, (for now)Nsukka zone Geo political activities is our High concern and interest.

Participants of the meeting

We are of great minds and Free thinker’s coming together for the purpose of Emacipation Freedom Fairness and oneness of the entire Nsukka zone.

We are not anti democratic principle, we are not against any individual non government. We are development friendly. We are social crusaders, we are agents of positive security projections for the protection of our people. We are political animals if need be in the season as it comes. We are also affiliated to RED CROSS international for humanitarian services to our dear good people. Above all we are community leaders in our various LGA’s and Ward’s. We appreciate to support the truth and positive achievement. OFU obi, ANYI BU OFU. OFU obi bu umu nne. ANYI BU OFU MOVEMENT. Please kindly join us for together we can….!