Nsukka Most Beautiful Girl (NMBG) is an Nsukka based beauty pageant that holds annually in Nsukka, for female participants. The pageant gives participants living in Nsukka the opportunity to use beauty and brain to make a better living for themselves as well as advocating for greater women in our society. All contestants will serve as ambassadors from their own clan/village to unite and share cultures while they co-exist.

The pageant will provide a platform to promote culture, tourism and positive changes amongst young women in Nsukka and Nigeria at large. It will also serve as a means to tackle issues confronting womanhood in Nsukka and Nigeria at large.

Nsukka Most Beautiful Girl (NMBG) will attract young female participants who are great patriots for Nsukka. These outstanding young ladies will be judged based on poise, intelligence, cultural values as well as beauty; qualities that every family would be proud to see their daughters, sisters, and mothers possess. In order to promote decency as well as integrating the diverse belief systems of our people, the Most Beautiful Girl In Nsukka (MBGIN) Beauty Pageant has vowed that they can only produce queens with brain. We recognize that ours is a unique historic project, and that is why she will uphold the ideals of our Nsukka culture, and yet be able to relate in today’s global village while merging both traditional values and our modern way of life. This will be a pleasure and an honor for any young Nigeria lady with a dream. The new queen will be ‘Miss Adada’. She will indeed, be the true essence of Nsukka womanhood.

This event is designed to discover and give opportunities to young, talented and beautiful ladies in Nsukka and Nigeria at large to prove that in as much as they slay with beauty, they also have a brain and can excel in the world of modeling.

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility service to youth Nigerian youths, our vision is to create platforms of opportunities and recognition for young and talented beautiful ladies living in Nsukka to prove that they can make it in the world of modeling using their beauty and brain.

The mission of Nsukka Most Beautiful Girl (NMBG) is to discover young and beautiful ladies with hidden potentials and promoting them as role models in society. Nsukka Most Beautiful Girl (NMBG) is the most prestigious pageant in Enugu State. This year’s event will be held on December 13th, 2019 at Jerry Mariot Hotel, Nsukka, Enugu State Nigeria.

The Nsukka Most Beautiful Girl (NMBG) will continue to be a shining beacon of true Nsukka womanhood by representing her state on national platforms as a goodwill ambassador. Through our “Adada Project”, she will be a great ambassador for restoring and promoting a sustainable environment in Nsukka as she continues to promote the great heritage and culture of Nigeria alongside.

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