The reason why people are adviced to keep a boundary to their level of friendship is to allow you know the kinds of people you’re dealing with and what they can do before falling victims.

A young man who according to report is from Nsukka with the name Chidimma Ikechukwu Omah has been burnt to death by his girlfriend identified as Esther.

It was recalled that the duo were dating but the young man wanted to cut the relationship off when he found out that the girl is a violent type but the 18-year old girl was so clingy to him.

The young man who was equally an owner of a medicine store in Makurdi where he lived with his parents was reluctant to the separation when he found out that Esther was involving herself in criminal acts.

It was recalled that Chidimma came home to his village during the Christmas break but when he returned to Benue, he never knew that Esther had got an information that he went to the village to pay another woman’s bride price. She was already planning what evil to do to him.

She visited him on Sunday after he came back from the village. She secretly bought petrol from a nearby filling station and hid it within the compound. She spent a quality time with Chidimma and around 2:am, she secretly got up seeing that Chidimma was fast asleep. She poured the petrol round the room, set it ablaze and ran away.

It was when the neighbors heard the sound of a burning house that they rushed and saw Chidimma’s room on fire. They tried quenching the fire but he had already burnt beyond recognition. He struggled to come out shouting that Esther has killed him.

He was rushed to the hospital and there he was declared dead. His parents according to report are planning on bringing his corps home to bury while Esther is on the run.

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