As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to take a devastating toll across the globe, an Enugu herbalist has said that it will be a herculean task for Nigeria to “wipe out” the disease.

Chief Chukwunonso Odo, an Nsukka-based herbal medicine practitioner, made this known during the weekend in Nsukka in a chat with Sunday Sun.

According to Odo, “Coronavirus disease popularly known as COVID-19 will be difficult to be wipe out in Nigeria. This is simply because we have neglected the use of herbal medicine in our country in pursuit of orthodox medicine that has led us to no where.

“Our forefathers were able to live more than one hundred years without orthodox medicine, yet they were healthy and strong,” the traditionalist medicine man said.
“There are ailments which cannot be diagnosed through orthodox laboratory test, yet they are being cured with herbal medicines. If we can cure hepatitis A, B and C which are viral disease with herbal medicine, what is coronavirus? If we have used our medicine to cure other stronger and more deadly viral diseases, what is coronavirus? I know many people may not believe me but I have to tell you that we can cure COVID-19 with herbal medicine.”

Dr. Odo, who is the Managing/Chief Executive Officer of Obataobie Herbal Medicine Nig Ltd, told our reporter that to prove the efficacy of his herbal remedies, government should bring some COVID-19 patients to him so that he can cure them with his herbal medicine under one week.

“Government should give me at least five coronavirus disease patients to cure with my herbal medicine for a trial. I believe that will give them conviction that I can cure the disease.”

Asked how much it will take to treat a patient, Dr Odo said “I know it will cost a lot of money but I am not doing it for any political, social or financial reasons. I am a catechist in the Catholic Church and I am content with what God has given me.

“What I am doing is something that can save lives and help humanity. By the way, how much money can you use to quantify the number of lives being wasted by coronavirus disease in Italy, Spain, USA, Iran, China and other countries? Forget about the monetary involvement because I am not going to collect any dime from anybody if I am given the chance to handle the situation.

“All I want to prove is the efficacy of my herbal medicine and I can assure you I have solution to the COVID-19 if I am given the chance to prove it. I am a graduate of Botany from UNN and I know what I am talking about.”

The herbalist urged citizens not to panic over the virus but to follow the necessary health guidelines to prevent its further spread.