A Nigerian Philanthropist who goes by the name Casmir Chidozie Nnolim(jp)  Has risen to Action and also leading by Example to the youths in Nigeria,

A popular Saying that a hen never forgets Who pulled its cold feathers in raining seasons is the case of one Mr Emeka Okpala… Whom could be described as luckiest man on Earth on 21st day of October 2019  When he met with his long time friend Casmir Chidozie Nnolim(jp) by the road after 16 years,

Speaking at the event the chairman of the initiative Casmir Chidozie Nnolim(jp) shared a story of his encounter with Emeka Okpala.

We both lived in the same public yard , though he was an Apprentice to our landlord while I was in secondary school.
In October 2019 I meet him by the road after 16 years plus, I wasn’t pleased with his state of mind,he wept while sharing his odeal,no job no money,neglected and dejected, I reminded him how he invested in my life,he was astonished to hear that he invested in my life but how, where and when? .
I reminded him of the used shoes, cloth and little cash from errands was actually the investment, unknown to us we will meet again to pass a message & that message is(“Invest a Little in the Life of young generation” ).
Present at the event: Chief GC Ogburafor also advice Emeka to be of good conduct, stay out of crime and utilize the opportunity effectively.
Speaking after handover:Emeka Okpala expressed gratitude to God and management of KASHMIR INITIATIVE for this unmerited favour and promised to use the tricycle for the betterment of his life and the society.
We therefore thank the entire team of kashmir initiative lead by our amiable coordinator Barr.Olusegun Bamgbose