Woman during a psychotherapy session

One of the most important things to discuss in the modern-day-world is marriage and its view. Marriage being the first stage of socialization, should be properly nurtured to allow a child become a better citizen and overcome peer pressure or any external pressure that would face a child outside his home.

Marriage has no formula to run smoothly rather, it has guidelines to arrive at a peaceful ending. There are no measurements to the level of love or commitment expected in marriage but there is a reasonable expectation from every marriage.

Woman during a psychotherapy session

Today, there are few therapeutic guidelines to run a home and have it at its best. Most times, a man or a woman refer to marriage as his or hers where you have people say “my marriage”, No! The marriage is a union and belongs to no one.

People go into marriage with a design in their imaginations and some of these people hide such designs during courtship hoping it would be a surprise but it might turn to be the partner’s weakness thereby, the union would have a loophole.

Handling the past: this is one of the most difficult things people encounter in marriages. The ability to handle your partner’s past is another virtue to run a smooth marriage. Any past you can’t handle, don’t get into marriage with it. Any past you can’t forgive, don’t walk pretentiously into marriage with it.

Who to talk to and how to talk about your marriage: a lot of homes are broken not because of what happened in the homes but because of who the issues were reported to. Sort your marriage within the union and when the issues persist, talk to a person whose sense of reasoning is above average.

Compromise: two persons no matter the bonding, have different personalities in them that only compromise can bring to a perfect meeting point. A couple need serious adjustment ranging from choice of color to choice of fantasies to be able to run a smooth home.

Take this down as the basic……