There are really so many ways to punish people of what they did but this one is such a surprising strategy. Some people would have given the woman a terrible beating if they were in the husband’s shoe but this man chose another strategy just to show the world and especially his in-laws how heartbroken he feels.

According to the story and the picture, the young man caught his wife and his friend having affair right in his house and out of surprise and shock, he couldn’t think of what else to do than to take a selfie with them and send to his in-laws.

While people were reacting to this, a lot of people said that he should run a DNA test to know if the children in case they have already truly belong to him as their biological father.

From the man’s action of taking the pictures, it could be that he has been getting ugly reports about his wife and his friend so when he caught them in the act, he decided to show his in-laws the prove.

What is your say on this?