The wickedness in the hearts of men these days is immeasurable. The Level of inhumanity against fellow humans is increasing by the day even as the preaching of Christianity increases. A lot of people see themselves as gods to the people that they are controlling.

It was reported that a man identified as Emeka Igwe from Imo state but lives in Abia state, threw his house maid from a two-storey building in Abia State. According to the report from the doctor, the young Akwa-Ibom girl is at the risk of surviving the ugly incident as she broke her ribs and her mouth in a bad shape.

The residence of the area are begging the general public to help the child as she seem helpless at the moment and the case have been reported which the culprit is already in the deserved authority answering questions on his ungodly action towards his maid.

See the pictures of the helpless child in the severe pain.