“Ah!” If I had known that Bolaji Adedayo was a beast, I wouldn’t have married him.

Hmm, I am telling you my story in pains.

“Ouch!” I screamed as a result of the pains emanating from my stitched head. “Sorry Mrs Adedayo” , my curious nurse said.

She was eager to know what caused the injuries on my body. “Go ahead with your story ma”, She said. Then I started to narrate my story.

It all started when I decided to marry outside God’s will. Yes, it started when I decided to help myself when I thought He was not listening to my prayers as regards my life partner, not knowing that my answer was right at the corner.

My mates were getting married and I was yet to marry then . My pastor kept on telling me my man will show up soon. I waited for him to show up, but I did not see him. He later showed up few days to my wedding ceremony. But my heart was fixed on marrying Bolaji.

I met Bolaji on the 23rd of May, 2010. He is a very handsome man. He is rich, tall and also light in complexion.

We started as friends. But on the 15th of November, 2010, he asked for my hand in marriage. I gave him my “yes” immediately. I felt God has disappointed me for not sending His own son to me.

Bolaji was not a child of God, but because of how desperate I was in settling down maritally, I agreed to marry him. My parents were against our union but they later agreed.

On 20th of July, 2011,we got married. Meanwhile, during our courtship, my husband was the most caring man I had ever seen. After one week of our marriage, the beast in him appeared.

I became a punching bag. I was beaten black and blue at any slight provocation.

When I was three months gone (pregnant), I remembered the day I was ill and could not prepare his dinner before he came.

And for this reason, I was mercilessly beaten which made me to lose the baby. After my miscarriage, he did not show any sign of remorse. He only told me he taught me a lesson .

I continue enduring the beatings of my life. My husband has concubines. He sleeps with them in our house and also in hotels.

He forbade me from going to church, though I was already dead spiritually. He forbade me from wearing long skirts. He told me to be wearing tight fitted clothes.

He rapes me any time of the day. “Ah!” If only I had listened to my parents.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was last week when I forgot to iron his clothes after they were dried .

He was so angry when he returned from work. I begged him and promised to iron those clothes immediately. I thought he had accepted my apology.

He took the iron and plugged it. After some time he removed the plugged iron and before I could say “jack” he used the hot iron to rub my neck. I cried out in pain.

As I was trying to run away in case of any other punishment, I noticed the doors and windows were locked.

As I was running up and down, he knocked my head on the wall, and I sustained injuries. Immediately he realised I was bleeding, he opened the door and ran out of the house. It was one of my neighbors that brought me to this hospital. Up till now, he has not shown himself in this hospital.

Yes, Bro Caleb was the man I ought to marry but because the wedding preparations were fully made, that was why I did not back out.

I thought my husband would continue to be the most caring man he was during courtship, but reverse was the case after we married.

I lost my relationship with God just because of my desperate act of getting married.

The assignment God gave to me were not done just because I married an unbeliever.

Dear singles, if you don’t want your life to be like mine, please be patient in the aspect of marriage.

The decision on who you want to spend your life with really matters a lot.

It is better to marry at the age of 40 and marry rightly. It is better to remain single than to marry the wrong person.

“Hmm, I have tasted hell. Hmm, is this how I will continue to live my life?” I asked.

“Give your life to Christ again . He can help you to mend your broken life. He can touch the heart of your husband, because there is nothing too hard for God to do”, The nurse said.

Hmm, I regretted marrying my husband. But, if I had waited patiently for God’s will, I wouldn’t have been through this mess.

Marrying outside God’s will is synonymous to living in hell.

My dear brothers and sisters, patience is the KEY even in marrying God’s will.

God will show up, He’s never too late. So, don’t rush into marriage with that unbeliever.

©️Ojo Rhoda Ayanfeoluwa.