A certain US-based Nigerian lady identified as Ecovangel took to her Instagram page to celebrate her new achievement which is a new house she bought for herself. According to the young nurse, she said that sometime ago, her landlord almost evicted her from his house because she couldn’t pay her rent in due time but she is proudly a house owner in the US today.

She wrote, “I bought my first house at the age of 26 in United States. Brand new house, first to move in. 2020 construction completed in Nov. No financial assistance, no co-signer, all me and my God…..”

This is really an encouragement to many young people especially women who do not believe in their strength to work hard to achieve a certain significant goal in their lives.

She used the opportunity to advice people who have gone through or are still going through what she went through that their current situation is not their final destination.

See her pictures in her new apartment.