Day1: OCO Foundation is an NGO determined to better the life of the poor and the destitute through empowerment, mentorship and scholarships. The OCO Foundation reached out to different communities to give relief items like food, noodles, tissues, face masks and gloves to individuals in Nsukka.

The CEO OCO World, Hon. Okwudili Celestine Okwudili¬†works tirelessly with his foundation to help the less privileged and disabled people whenever he gets the opportunity. He mentioned the need to help humanity in the fight against Covid-19, “we should remember disabled people struggling with difficulty. They tussle through their everyday lives, how much more in this pandemic season”.

In this regard, The OCO Foundation visited Ugwu uwani, Umuakashi, Echara, Ameze ani, Umuocha, Oloto, Odenigbo and other places. The mission was launched with a visit to the
Community where over 100 yams, bags of rice and noodles were also shared.

The goal is to show love especially to the less privileged and in such a time as this – “hungervirus” when a deadly pandemic disease is ravaging the world. OCO foundation visited these people in their homes – home-to-home service and this is to make sure that these relief materials gets to their fullest potentials.

Okwudili Celestine Okwudili
Okwudili Edith