Oziokoja’s journey into politics and public office is a divine call to touch lives and empower the down-trodden. So far, he has left indelible marks that have helped to reshape the country, assist the needy and empower the youths, women and the elderly in our society. In the area of health, this seasoned lawmaker has built new health centers in Nru, Unadu, Ovoko and rehabilitated those in other communities; supplied drugs and insecticide-treated mosquito nets to health centers and is currently building an Emergency Ward at the Obukpa Comprehensive Health Centre.

No less than 30,000 patients have benefited from Asadu’s sponsored, regular Free Medical and Surgical services to those in need of treatments and surgeries in his constituency from 2007 till date.

Today he shares advice and precautionary measures towards curtailing the deadly pandemic disease especially to some persons who think or believe that the disease is for the “wealthy or politicians” in our society.

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