Kelechi Iheanacho was my childhood friend, we grew up together in the same neighborhood Nekede Old Road Owerri IMO state. We played the street balls together under the rain and scorching sun. We attended the same primary school; Unique Nursery and primary school Umualum Nekede No 4 b/stop as at then but has relocated to a new site now. We did almost everything together but today grace has found you and you’ve rose and clapped your way into the corridors of fame and stardom, you’re now a celebrity not just in Nigeria but all over the world.

I remember how we conquered the environments of Ama – ato. Azuatalam, Chigozirim known as Podosky and you and I. If we are not there the games won’t be fun but you’ve forgotten so fast and now mingles with those that you met after being famous.

We played an academy club “Danish” together for years before you moved to Taye academy how can you just forget those days so fast?

I remember how happy i was when i watched you play for Nigeria under 17 in UAE 2013.. I was not surprised when you conquered the world in that stage because i knew how good you were prior to then. Your senior brother Uchenna couldn’t give me your contact because we are no more on the same pedestrian, you’ve moved higher.

Hear this,

I’m writing this not because hunger has finished my life but because a picture with you now will serve as a story i will tell to my children. Don’t forget that the bodyguards and security personnel guarding you from people coming close to you, were not there when we use to go to the bush in Uzo ubi those days in search of riped fruits. It pains my heart that you’ve forgotten most of us who suffered with you and grew up together with you in the hood.

It’s hard for me to get reach to you again as i’ve followed you in all social media platforms, Instagram, twitter, e.t.c. But it’s easy if you want to get to me, if really you want to.

Please whoever that can reach out to Kelechi Iheanacho should help me and show him this letter and tell him it was written by Bala as i was nicknamed those days.

Rising to stardom doesn’t mean you should forget those who grew up with you. I still remember paying for some matches we watched together at the viewing centres even game centres for PS2 (PlayStation). The things we did together are so enormous that i can’t put all in writing.

Friends, i know Kelechi Iheanacho may not see this but you that is reading it now, don’t forget the people with you now when luck shines on you.

Don’t call them lazy, poor or feel irritated when you see them coming to you. We all started from somewhere and grace found you.

Godswill Uche (A.K.A Bàlà)