It has been in the news that National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has embarked on a new increase on Electricity tariff for electricity users in the country from 2N to 4N per kWh.

This new development was meant to take effect from January 2021 but the federal government has suspended the movement as they yesterday, directed the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to suspend implementation of the new electricity tariff.

In a statement, Minister of Power, Sale Mamman, said the review from N2 to N4 per kWh should wait until the joint ad hoc committee concludes work by this month end.

He tweeted: “To promote constructive conclusion of dialogue with labour centres through the joint ad hoc committee, I have directed NERC to stall implementation of the minor review (which adjusted tariff between N2 and N4 per kWh) until the conclusion of the committee’s work by end of January 2021…”

This is to alert every Nigerian about the new possible development which would be taking effect any moment from February 2021.