Real estate and property development experts have stressed the need for the adoption of innovative bottom line investment approach to unlock potential in the real estate sector. They reasoned that in the midst of the lull in real estate, Nigerians could have a rewarding future by adopting an innovative real estate investment platform, which can boost its contribution to the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP).

The experts, who include developers, realtors and investors, said only those willing to imbibe innovation and technology provided by a net earnings approach will reap from real estate investment especially now that the market is saturated.

Leading the call the call in Lagos, a developer, Olorunsheyi Sunday, noted that real estate investment has always been an asset class with a high entry barrier. He said citizens could create assets in real estate by investing a percentage of their income and allowing them to grow without hassles.He stressed that such an approach is required in view of the investment climate in the market.

Sunday, who is the Executive Director, Pertinence Properties Limited, said innovative platforms are the kind of investment required to unlock the potential in the sector because it targets at the low and medium class.

For, a real estate investment coach, Wisdom Ezekiel, investment in property allows people to share in the prosperity of others. Stressing that property is the real money of Lagos, he said innovative platforms enable investors to pool their resources for land and property development by making payments per investment, and the surest way to create wealth.

“When the value of land and property appreciates over the months, they will be sold and profit shared among all investors.“Investors can choose to purchase more than one investment unit if they have access to more funds,” he added.

Also, an investment analyst, Jeffrey Ehikioya, stressed that innovative platform is beneficial to people searching for viable, lucrative, and stress-free investment options.He emphasized that a lot of people are looking for ways to earn passive income, and real estate investment has been proven to be the most beneficial way to do this.