We didn’t choose our destination when coming to this earth. We didn’t choose our parents but we’re blessed with one. We find ourselves on board when many are privileged to fly their way with hope of expectation. The hope of every man is to live and become successful but unfortunately all fingers are not equal and some people are battling with the troubles of life especially now that the world has been struck by a deadly pandemic disease, corona virus. As the corona virus continues to spread, we all should come together to ensure a better living for those living in poverty.

This is not the time for us to wait for the government. How do we continue to wait for the government for financial support when many of us bought tubers of yam, bags of rice, plantains, cartoons of noodles, gallons of oils etc. If we can buy all these things without considering the “poor man” in our streets. Then its time for us to be blamed! The lock down just begun and many people are already running short of food, some mothers skips meals for their children. The corona virus “stay at home” is a catastrophe for the poor and It can crush them. This calls for humanitarian assistance as we can help the needy with the little we have. 



The CEO OCO World, Hon. Okwudili Celestine Okwudili in collaboration with OCO Foundation kicks a movement – “Together We Can” in Nsukka, Enugu State. This is a call for everyone to give or donate the little they can afford in helping the needy. No amount is too small and every financial assistance is going to the poor. To join this movement, call: +234 803 842 0398 #TogetherWeCan

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