Court awards N5m against Nigerian Customs Service for seizing a man’s LV laptop bag after landing in Nigeria

As shared by Twitter user, Busola A-A @busolaidowu

The Nigerian Customs Service lost a case in court today and its a very interesting one. Hope the judgement sails through on appeal. (Kehinde Ogunwunmiju v NCS). While searching the claimants bag on arrival in Nigeria, customs staff saw a brand new Louis Vuitton laptop bag and…

Claimed customs duties to the tune of over 150k. He was dissatisfied and challenged them in court. The court held that the plaintiff had proved that the laptop bag was his personal effect and for his personal use and that before the NCS could charge customs duty on the said bag..

They had to prove it was intended for commercial use. NCS was ordered to refund his over 150k paid as customs duties & to pay 5 million naira in damages. All those high-handed customs officials that harass travellers over personal items found in their bags should please take note.