A bride and groom have been arrested in Nseleni, Kwa Zulu Natal for contravening the lockdown regulations that do not allow for any celebrations to take place. Police sources confirmed that the couple, pastor, groomsmen and bridesmaids were all arrested this afternoon and taken to the local police station to be formally charged.

South Africa is currently on day 11 of a 21-day lockdown due to COVID-19, regulations require citizens to not leave their homes or host any celebrations. The only events allowed during this lockdown are funerals with a limit of 50 people who have to sit far apart from one another.

There have been other arrests in the country of people breaking the lockdown regulations including a 23 year-old male who was arrested for mocking the regulations and swearing outside a police station. In a video that has been circulating on social media, the man can be seen mocking the regulations and using vulgar language directed at the police.

Citizens are being urged to stay at home to avoid being arrested.