What many children go through in school is something that parents should learn to keep eye on their children for. The level of molestation going on in many hostels especially secondary schools are so heartbreaking.

When the pictures of this boy came up to the internet few days ago where his mother showed how he looked before going to the school and how he looks now, many people people thought it was academic stress not knowing that the boy was battling with molestation from his older students. See his picture the first day he went to the school

According to the video his mother shared, the boy revealed that after the older students molesting him, they will force him to shut up else they will kill him and that made the little boy live in so much fear. He said they would always push him down, remove his boxers and start putting their hands and legs inside his anus. See the video here

See his pictures and video after.

His mother said that she felt all was not well when she had a dream of his son waving at her and turning his face against her even when she was calling and that dream made her go to the school to check up on her son. When she got there, she saw how the son looked and she felt really bad.

When she asked him what the problem was, he said he won’t tell her because those bigger boys will kill him until she persuaded him and he spoke up and told her the truth.

The woman is thereby calling on responsible authorities to come to her aid because according to what she said, the boy has been throwing up since he came back.