There are few persons who understand that the future is more important than the present. This set of people work tirelessly to build remarkable prints whereby the children will look back at in the nearest future and see the seeds of their fathers and the need to work for the generation they carry in them.

Dynamic Elite Club has planned and has already started working on an agricultural project which is integral because according to the chairman of the club, Hon. Ifedi Josiah, he said that while they profit from other investments they have as individuals or as a group, it is good to build other investments to help sustain their families as their families extend and children increase.

This project is sited in Imo state and the work has already begun as the pioneers have made a perfect plan regarding the work.

The pictures above are pictures of the chairman whose name was aforementioned addressing his club members. He added that their intention is to have the biggest farm in South East and South South. According to his speech, he said that the foundation is to have integrated agricultural project which include, poultry, piggery, fishery and many more.

This is such a beautiful development that will not only benefit the pioneers but will definitely create job opportunities for people whose professions fall in any of the departments that will be carved out in this project.

See direct videos from the inspection of the proposed site for the project here