Three children who were turtured and battered beyond recognition with blood by an alleged prophetess and her colleague have been rescued. This happened in Anambra state as the women were said to have a prayer ministry.

The entire room was stained with blood alongside fetish items, including a mortar and multiples pestles, blood stained canes, concoction and more.

For the fact that the children were not allowed to go out, the woman had a bucket for them where they were meant to deficate.

The unidentified children were still unconscious at the time they were found. Their parents are yet to be identified and the culprits have been arrested.

According to the police, the women had “subjected them into physical and emotional torture without feeding and inflicted several wounds on their body leaving them unconscious.

Some sources allege the women own a ministry but also engage in fetishism, including pounding children in mortar…

This calls for proper carefulness in the parts of parents and guardians to know the way abouts of their children at all time and ensure their safety as much as they can.