It is so obvious that the wickedness of men have gone out of hand. This is really so disheartening that this little boy lost his life on the day that he was so happy and tried to make others feel that happiness in his heart. According to report, the young boy of 16 years whose identity has not been revealed was reportedly murdered in Cold blood on the first day of January 2021 by a man who claimed that the young boy was making noise on the street.

According to the story, the man on seeing the boy going round the street wishing people a Happy New year complained that he was making noise thereby disturbing the neighborhood. It was after the complain that he wanted to stop the boy from the noise and he hit him on his neck with a stick which made the young boy fall down and died at the spot.

This incident may not really be intentional but in as much as the boy had no other intention but just to keep people excited on the first day of a new year, he deserves no punishment even if the man meant to scold him. See the pictures of the boy.