One of the things that a lot of people don’t know is, how to discover when their relationship is breaking. Some people fail to understand this thereby, they neglect the little things they would have done earlier to avoid such problems.

When a man and a woman come together in intimacy ànd strong emotional attachment, at first, there are strong levels of commitment to each other which gives the relationship hope and solid foundation that even lead some people to the level of having a blood covenant because they are carried away with the affection in the beginning.

While times pass and things change, there are significant things that happen in the relationship that need proper attention from the man and the woman involved else, the relationship will crash.

Some of the signs  you’ll see in your relationship that shows it’s at the breaking point are.

1. Drop in communication: first of all, for the fact that the relationship starts with high communication, the first thing that will show you that the relationship is going wrong is a drop in communication. This is a situation when the two people involved start hiding their affairs and drawing back from each other. They tend to forget unconsciously about each other’s program and love life. When this starts happening, the two parties if they still value the relationship, should talk it over and fill in the vacuum.

2. Dishonesty: This is another strange fact that kills a relationship. Dishonesty denies the relationship free expression of feelings when you have suspicions in your mind about your partner. Dishonesty  bridges affection and when the affection is affected, the relationship starts dying.

3. Insecurity: this is one secret problem that kills a relationship. This is when trust is bridged and conscience demands for explanation of every step of your partner. Insecurity comes from an unforgiven argument where the partner have a fight over issues but the pains deposits hatred in the heart of the the parties involved.

4. Unforgiveness: any relationship that gets to the level of unforgiveness is already crashing. This is when people hold to heart the misdeeds of their partners without letting go. Some toxic relationships are as a result of unforgiveness.

5. Disrespect: This is the end product of the other four because when the relationship is suffering from the first four, disrespect sets in and anger follows which will automatically destroy the relationship.

So, in other to have a smooth and healthy relationship, pay attention to the above listed sings and sort them out when they occur if you value your relationship.